Original Japan Setocraft Stitch Clay Figure Accessories Container

approx. 6x6cm
with box :)

Original Disney Fury Scrump

approx. 18cm standing height exclude fenchfries

Original Rainbow Doraemon Strap

approx. 8cm exclude strap
$9 mailed

Original Banpresto Purple Kapibara Walking Plush

approx. 15cm long
batteries operated.. very cute

Original DIsney Sega Noco Noco Baby Pooh & Tigger

approx. 18cm standing height
$13 each or $25 for a pair

Original DIsney Sega Marshmellow Mickey & Minnie

approx. 18cm standing height
$25 for a pair

Original Disney Innocent Looking Stitch

approx. 16cm standing height

Original Disney Sega Noco Noco Sakura Stitch & Angel

approx, 18cm standing height
$32 for a pair

Original Sanrio Furyu Chocolate Color Series My Melody

approx. 18cm standing height
very soft and special!!
$14 each

Original Rainbow Doraemon -- Shiny Fur

approx. 13cm sitting height
only available in blue

Original Disney Sega Noco Noco Strawberry Stitch

approx. 15cm sitting height

Original Sanrio Eikoh Hello Kitty as Black Teddy Bear

approx. 15cm sitting height

Original Disney Stitch Walking Plush with Music

approx. 30cm standing height
there will be music when walking, batteries operated
$35 each

Original Rainbow Doraemons

approx. 15cm sitting height
full set has got 7 rainbow colours but i only have these few extras for sale
(purple sold)
$13 each

Original Sanrio Eikoh Fury Hello Kitty

approx. 35cm sitting height

Original Disney Rainbow Stitch with Tied Up Ears

approx. 48cm sitting height
very soft fur.. i gt a blue one..

Original Sanrio Furyu Premium Prize Pink Panda Hello Kitty

approx. 40cm sitting height


Japan Disney Re-ment Stitch & Scrump Mogu Mogu Sweets Miniature

please state the design u want
with packaging except seal is broken to check the design inside
$6.50 each mailed


Disney Re-ment Birthday Cakes Miniature with Boxes

available: mickey ($8.90), minnie ($8.90), stitch & scrump ($12.90)
comes with box but seal is broken to check design


Disney Sega Scrump Plushies

approx. 18cm including frenchfries
left scrump with watermelon
$16.90 each mailed

Disney Sega Pastel Coloured Scrump Handphone Strap

approx. 13cm including frenchfries
$9 mailed

Japan Taito Heartydora LOVE Doraemon Plush

approx. 20cm sitting height
got a LOVE printed on the leg
$15 mailed

Original Disney Scrump Key Pouch

approx. 15cm long
$9.90 mailed